Ant farm update

In View on February 28, 2011 at 11:16 pm

I got the ants for my Christmas ant farm in the mail last week.  Here’s their first week’s progress:

Ant farm.  Week 1.

Ant farm. Week 1.

The blue-green stuff is gel that serves as both their food source and their habitat.  Sort of like a gingerbread house.  I made the three starter holes, and they’ve begun expanding the right one.

It took them a while to get cranking, mostly because the temperature has been sub-optimal.  If it’s too cold they get lethargic.

  1. Upon first glance at that picture I thought it was water, and I was worried I was going to have to tell you that you were doing it very wrong.

    I’ve never seen that stuff. Is this a recent development in ant farms?

    • Yeah, must be new ant technology. This is Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm Gel Colony.

      “Watch ants as they build amazing 3-D tunnels in translucent gel! Food and moisture are self-contained for a maintenance-free experience.

      The Ant Farm Gel Colony uses a nutrient-rich gel, providing your ants with a continuous source of food and moisture.”

  2. “If it’s too cold they get lethargic” –I know just how they feel.

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