Google Earth stunners

In View on January 20, 2011 at 7:25 am

PC World has put together a list of some notable sights on Google’s Maps or Earth satellite views.  Some are just well-timed pictures (see an airplane in flight over England at slide 13) and some are spectacular shots of the natural world in action (elephants running at slide 10 and below, and Victoria Falls at slide 11):

African elephants on the move.  Google Earth.

African elephants on the move. Google Earth.

To look at any of these locations paste the coordinates from the description into Google Earth or Google Maps.  When the map comes up look around for the arrow and that should mark the spot.  Here’s a link to the elephants above in Google Maps.  You can see that in this particular part of Africa, there are only a few select locations that have photos at this zoom level.  (Also, PC World flipped this photo for some reason in their slideshow.)  There’s a bigger herd of elephants just to the west of this group.

UPDATE:  PC World’s Part 2.  My favorite is the Coliseum at slide 10.

  1. this is rad–the elephants in africa are totes my fav, obvi 🙂

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