Robotic arm learns to flip pancakes

In Watch on September 24, 2010 at 7:21 am

This video shows a robotic arm going through the process of learning to flip a pancake in a frying pan:

After about 50 attempts, the arm is finally able to perfect its wrist-flipping technique, so the fake metal flapjack flips and lands in the skillet. You almost want to start clapping.

The robot learned via kinesthetic teaching, which involves a person grasping the arm and performing the motion.  Sensors record the movement and then the robot attempts to replicate the feat.  The robot perfects the motion by attempting the task on its own and adjusting various factors until it gets is right.

  1. Gee–I’ve never even tried to flip a pancake. Maybe I should go for it. And if I get it in less than 50? Smarter than a robot.

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