Why write sports?

In Read on August 17, 2010 at 7:11 am

Last month a group of sportswriters sat down for a round table discussion with Matt Robison for the Morning News.  Topics included why they started writing about sports, and what it is about sport that makes for such a great literary source:

What’s one specific moment in sports that made you want to write about it?

Will Leitch: It was actually in 1989, when Nick Anderson hit a last-second shot from three-quarters to give my beloved Illini a win over hated Indiana and its monstrous Patton-esque coach Bobby Knight. It was good over evil, and a 13-year-old Will Leitch danced and laughed and accidentally hugged his father. (Gross!) It was such a powerful moment, the idea that sports can make you feel euphoric like nothing else can, and I knew I wanted to capture that moment.

Nic Brown is also one of the authors, and it turns out they did this roundtable the day after his tennis match with Tripp Philips.

  1. Accidentally hugged his father? What is this world coming to??

    It proves my point that sports are the Superglue of male bonding.

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