Throw like an athlete

In Read on August 2, 2010 at 7:07 am

In the summer of 1996, James Fallows explored why boys and girls throw differently for The Atlantic.  He demonstrates the conclusion that throwing a baseball can be learned by anyone, no matter the gender:

Readers who are happy with their throwing skills can prove this to themselves in about two seconds. If you are right-handed, pick up a ball with your left hand and throw it. Unless you are ambidextrous or have some other odd advantage, you will throw it “like a girl.” The problem is not that your left shoulder is hinged strangely or that you don’t know what a good throw looks like. It is that you have not spent time training your leg, hip, shoulder, and arm muscles on that side to work together as required for a throw.

Also included are stories about the Clintons, John Goodman, and why tennis proves there’s no such thing as “throwing like a girl.”


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