Spiderman in England

In Read, Watch on July 20, 2010 at 7:13 am

Hibiki Kono spent five months building a vacuum climbing machine in his design technology class at King’s College School in Cambridge.

His design technology teacher Angus Gent said:  “I’m hugely proud of him.  He developed it himself, which is amazing for someone of his age.”

Headmaster Nick Robinson added:  “We’re thrilled with his hard work. He went up a wall for assembly and it was amazing.”

The concept isn’t new (watch BBC One climb a building), but come on, this kid is 13.

Via:  Popular Science

  1. Very cool! …but wouldn’t the bad guys hear him coming??
    Kudos for creativity! Right up there with the mentos&coke guys, only starting a lot younger.

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