Better solar technology

In Read, Watch on June 24, 2010 at 10:48 am

Bill Gross runs IdeaLab, which is an umbrella company for hundreds of projects and companies he has started.   eSolar is one of these companies, and they have been working on refining an alternative method of using solar power to generate electricity:

A system of 24,000 mirrors moving slowly to capture blazing sun rays is produced efficiently with robot-made fabricated parts rather than customized components that brings down costs significantly. And, since eSolar requires intense sunlight, its power plants are built in underutilized, arid areas that are generally deserted.

The crux is that they are using solar thermal technology rather than photovoltaic cells.

Watch Henry Blodget interview Gross at the Business Insider page linked above.  The video is long, but worth it (30+ minutes including discussion of entrepreneurial lessons learned at IdeaLab).  He talks about the guts of the eSolar project from 1:26 – 4:53.

Google’s image is dated, so you can’t see the arrays for now, but here’s the satellite view of the Sierra SunTower site in Lancaster, CA:


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